Friday, March 19, 2010

Mobile Banking - Registration steps

2 stages
1. Mobile handset registration

i. Download SBI Freedom to your handset
ii. Invoke SBI Freedom in your mobile and go for Options Register
iii. Login using the user-id you got in sms inbox
iv. Change the default 6-digit MPIN which we got in the sms inbox along with the . user id to a new 6-digit MPIN
. v. Wait for the confirmation sms telling “Your MPIN is changed”

2. ATM registration
After swiping the Debit Card ,
-   Choose the option ‘Services’ –
-   Select ‘Mobile Banking’
-   Choose the option to Registration
- “Enter your mobile number”

To download SBI Freedom (mobile Banking s/w) to your phone

Mobile banking Activation can be done by ourselves.
Just go to the Bank’s website, and you can download the application to your phone and complete the process at ATM

.. Or
if GPRS is activated in your phone just send MBSREG Nokia 6630 to 53733 if your mobile handset is Nokia 6630

SBI Freedom - Mobile Banking